Yann CAPDEVILLE – Wave propagation codes

Find here some programs related to the wave propagation in complexe elastic media.

Normal modes computing and summing for spherically symmetric Earth modeslib provides :

  • minosy, my version of the so-called MINOS. this program computes normal modes (eigenfunctions and eigenfrequencies) for a given spherically symmetric Earth model in a given frequency band.
  • nms: his program computes synthetic seismograms for a given list of receivers and sources using the normal mode catalog produced by  minosy.

Downloads modeslib version 1.3 and quick and dirty documentation pdf file.

1-D spectral elements.

This program is very simple,  to be linked with a spectral element lecture and is designed for students. It is written in Fortran 90. See the README for further information.

Download version 0.2 (269K). Accpet homo1d homogeneized models and correctors.

Download version 0.1 (265K)

2-D spectral elements.

This program has originally been written by G. Festa and E. Delavaud under J.P. Vilotte’s supervision. The Original version of the program can be found here.  The present version of the program (SPED2DY) has been modified by Yann Capdeville, but the philosophy and the core of the original program are still the same. The program can handle full anisotropy, fluid, any type of meshes and material, PML, moment tensor and vector force sources but not yet attenuation. The time reversal and adjoint kernel options exist but are not documented yet. This version of the program is designed to be associated with homogenization program (homo2d) output. See the README and the doc/quick_manual.ps for more information.

Download version 0.0 (2.4M)

1-D homogeneization program

This a test program for 1D non-periodic homogenization. The theory behind this program can be found in Capdeville & al (2010) (pdf). It is designed to be used with the 1-D SEM program above (sem1d).

Download version 0.0 (35K). This preliminary version is almost untested. Expecting many bugs.