Meryem Mojtahid

Poste : Maître de Conférences

Courriel :

Téléphone : 02 41 73 50 02

Localisation : Angers - 203

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Family name, First name: Mojtahid Meryem

Date of birth: 28/07/1981         Nationality: Moroccan/French

Researcher unique identifier(s): D-2636-2014

URL for web site:

Domain of expertise: The use of benthic and planktonic foraminifera as marine signal-carriers


2019                Qualification for University Professor (Universities National Council – CNU 36)

07/2018            HDR (Habilitation thesis to supervise research) in Oceanic Environments and Paleoenvironments “The role played by foraminifera in documenting past climates”, UA

11/2007            PhD in Oceanic Environments and Paleoenvironments “Benthic foraminifera: bio-indicators of natural and anthropogenic eutrophication in open marine environments

06/2004            MSc in Oceanography and Paleoceanography. University of Bordeaux, France


Since 09/2010   Associate professor at University of Angers (UA) in France, at UMR CNRS 6112 LPG “Laboratory of Planetology and Geodynamics”


2009 – 2010     Post-doctoral researcher. National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK

2008 – 2009     Assistant Professor – Faculty of Sciences (UA). I spent the teaching part in the Geology Department in UA (09 to 12/08) and the research part in two institutes in Australia:

– Australian National University, Canberra

– James Cook University, Cairns

2007– 2008      Assistant Professor – Faculty of Sciences, Geology Department, UA

2004– 2007      Assistant lecturer during PhD training – Faculty of Sciences, Geology Department, UA


2021                National promotion to the rank “Maître de Conférences Hors Classe

Since 2020       Beneficiary of the national French research and doctoral supervision grant (PEDR A)

2020                Award laureate of the North South Prize of the Council of Europe as a member of the Mediterranean Experts on Climate and Environmental Change (MedECC)

2018                Beneficiary for a doctoral grant from E. Macron’s initiative “Make Our Planet Great Again” for the PhD student E. Fossile I am co-supervising

2018               Award winner of “Rising Star” initiative for science of the Pays de la Loire Region (France)

Since 2014      Beneficiary of the national French research and doctoral supervision grant (PEDR B)

2008                Marie Curie fellowship (FP7-PEOPLE-IEF-2008). Project: Linking foraminiferal diets and shell chemistry. National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK

2008                Award winner of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Project: Ultra structural changes and trace element/isotope partitioning in foraminifera. Alfred-Wegener Institute for polar and marine research, Bremerhaven, Germany


2019 – 2020     Post-doc: S. Le Houedec on “Climate of the NE Atlantic and the Mediterranean during the Holocene”, UA, France

2023 – 2026     PhD: S. Hayat on “Foraminiferal-based proxies to track the dynamics of the Peruvian coastal upwelling system: past and present perspectives”, UA, France

2023 – 2026     PhD: W. Hamzaoui on “Study of the climate and extreme Events (floods, flood storms) in the Late Holocene based on the sedimentary archives of the lagoon complexes of Ghar el Melh (Northern Tunisia)”, UA, France

2019 – 2022     PhD: P. Dupuydt on “Paleoreconstructions of intermediate water masses in the Bay of Biscay and along the Iberian margin during the last climatic cycle”, UA, France

2018 – 2021     PhD: E. Fossile on “Marine bio-indicators of Arctic freeze/thaw Cycles: Storfjorden and Kongsfjorden as Climate change key zones”, UA, MOPGA, France

2014 – 2017     PhD: M. Durand on “From estuary to ocean: the dynamics of the Loire since the Mid- Holocene”, UA, France

2011 – 2015     PhD: C. Caulle on “Benthic Foraminifera from the ZOM of the Arabian Sea”, UA, France

2010 – 2013                      PhD: J. Garcia, on the “Holocene records in the SE Bay of Biscay”, UA, France

Since 2010       MSc: Supervision of over 17 Master theses


Since 2004       I taught a total of ~2870 h as Associate and Assistant Professor and Teaching Assistant

Degrees            Undergraduate to MSc degrees

Teaching unit   Geosciences (from geodynamics to superficial envelopes)

Institution        All my teaching took place in the Geology Department, UA, France



2019 – 2021     Participation to the organization of an unpreceded exhibition on foraminifera in the natural history museum of Angers

11/2020            Co-chairman of the session (Atlantic Basin Climate-All time scales) held during the 6th edition of the “climate and impact” meeting 2020 (Orsay, France).

10/2016            Co-chairman of the session (Holocene and Quaternary changes) held during the 26th edition of the Meeting of Earth Sciences 2016 (Caen, France)

06/2016            Lead organizer of the international conference: TMS Foraminifera and Nannofossil Groups, Joint Spring Meeting 2016, UA, France

01/2011            AERES (Evaluation Agency for Research and Higher Education) meeting, Nantes, France

Ø creation of a 15 min movie presenting the research held in Angers

Since 2010       Organization of several scientific workshops within scientific projects

06/2007            Organization Committee member of TMS Foraminifera and Nannofossil Groups. Joint Spring Meeting, June 2007, Angers, France. Joint Spring Meeting 2007, UA, France



Since 2019        Head of the Geology Department (UA)

Since 2019       Elected member of the Research Committee and the Academic Council of UA

Since 2019        Member of the working group of the “Thélème” UA project for an innovative teaching

Since 2018        CSI (a follow-up committee) member of three PhD projects

2018 – 2021      Co-responsible for setting up a new Master program in UA starting in 2022

2017 – 2022      Member of the selection jury for PhD applicants for the “Mer et Littoral” doctoral school

2015 – 2022      Member of master’s jury selection and evaluation (University of Rennes-UA)

Since 2013       10-times selection committee member (including 3-times as president) for associate professor positions in French universities

2012 – 2015      Member of the scientific council of the UMR CNRS 6112 LPG

2010 – 2015      Responsible for the first undergraduate year teaching, Geology Department, UA.


Since 2019       Examiner/reviewer of four PhD dissertations

Since 2019       Reviewer of three national INSU (National Institute of Universe Sciences) projects and one FOF (French Oceanographic Fleet) project

Since 2010       Over 35 reviewed papers in international peer-reviewed scientific journals


Since 2018       Member of the MedECC network

Since 2017       Editorial board member of the international journal “Revue de micropaléontologie”

2016                Guest editor in Journal of Sea Research – special issue on the Loire estuary


Funded grants
Project Title Funding source (k€) Period Role of the PI
CHARM1-Mozambique (Climate of the Holocene: Case study from the Mozambique shelf) French Fleet Commission 15 days Ship-Time 2024-2026 PI


REFUGE-ARCTIC (The Lincoln Sea, the last refuge of the changing Arctic Ocean). PI : M. Ardyna (CNRS, Univ. Laval, Québec)


France-Canada Fleet Commission/ Université de Laval / Ifremer Agreement 56 days Ship-Time 2024 Expertise in foraminifera in paleorecords
REFUGE-ARCTIC (The Lincoln Sea, the last refuge of the changing Arctic Ocean). PI : M. Ardyna (CNRS, Univ. Laval, Québec)


BNP-Paribas “Climate & Biodiversity Initiative” 704 2023-2025 Expertise in foraminifera in paleorecords
SPOC (El Niño et le système d’upwelling péruvien, des origines cénozoïques aux changements anthropiques). PI : M. Carré (CNRS, LOCEAN, Paris) CNRS – International Research Project (IRP) 75 2022-2026 Expertise in foraminiferal-based proxies and paleorecords
OXYMORE – REBELRED (Hypoxia episodes in the Loire estuary). PIs: E. Metzger et G. Maillet (UA) LIFE Integrated projects 568 2021-2027 Development of new paleo-oxygenation proxies
TRESSE (Morphosedimentary trajectory of French estuaries since the Little Ice Age (LIA). Impact of climate and humans). PI: B. Tessier (CNRS, M2C, Caen) French Biodiversity Office (OFB) 104 2021-2023 Expertise in the paleoenvironments of the Loire estuary
IMPEC (Impact of fishing on offshore benthic ecosystems). PI: C. Barras (UA) French Biodiversity Office (OFB) 150 2021-23 Historical records
ECO-FOR (Calibration culture study in Ecolabs) ECOTRON-CEREEP 12 2020 PI
KONBHAS (Climate Change in Kongsfjorden). PI. A. Baltzer (Nantes Univ.) French Polar Institute Paul-Emile Victor 90 2020-2024 Paleostudy
STING (spatio-temporal reconstructions of intermediate water masses in the Bay of Biscay and along the Iberian margin during the last climatic cycle) LEFE-IMAGO-CYBER 38 2019-2021 PI
TANDEM (Teleconnexions between the main modes of internal climatic variability of the NE Atlantic and the Mediterranean) Région Pays de la Loire Call “Rising stars“ 136 2019-2022 PI
ARCTICORE (Study of climate change in the last millennia in the Arctic: Paleoreconstitution and recent anthropogenic impact) OSUNA – AO 2019 4.8


2018-2019 PI
KING (Kongsfjorden Ice meltiNG): Invitation of Dr. Katrin Husum (Norwegian Polar Institute) as a visiting scientist UA call: International mobility 2018 1.5 2018 PI
HOOPLACOR: Sampling of long sediment cores (Kullenberg) in haploops fields off the Loire estuary. PI: A. Mouret (UA) Proposals CNFC 2018

for coastal campaigns

10 days shiptime 2018 Paleoecological reconstructions
Bi-SMART (Bioindication of brine formation under Arctic sea ice). PI: M.P. Nardelli (UA) UA call research committee 2017 20.6 2017-2018 Paleoclimate reconstructions
ABBA (Arctic Brine BioindicAtor)

Under the Arctic ice: The benthic foraminifera as bio-indicators of brine formation in the Storfjorden (Norway)

PIs: M.P. Nardelli and M. Mojtahid (UA)

OSUNA 5 2017 Co-PI
PALEOVASE (Holocene palaeoenvironments of the Loire estuary: Case study from the Brillantes mudflat) Nantes Observatory of Universe Science (OSUNA) 9.3 2015 PI
HISTOLOIRE: Determination of the pre-anthropogenic state of the Loire estuary and its historical evolution


Grand Port Maritime Nantes Saint-Nazaire 18


2015-2016 PI
MADHO:  MediterraneAn Deltas in the Holocene. PI: S. Berné (CEFREM, Université de Perpignan) Mistrals/ Paleomex, France


137 2012-2015 Paleoecological reconstructions off Nile and Var rivers
GéoFoBe (Benthic foraminifera geochemistry, acquisition, and preservation of elemental and isotopic signals). PI: S. Sepulcre (IDES, University of Paris-Sud) INSU, France 14


2012-2014 Supervising a MsC student


Jeune Equipe

PI: M. Elliot (LPG-Nantes)

Région Pays de la Loire, France 236 2012-2014 Co-responsible for the finances and LA-ICPMS analyses
SEMHABEL (Monitoring benthic microhabitats of the Loire Estuary)


The European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) 152 2012-2013 PI
N-ForLab (Quantification of denitrification of benthic foraminifera: Laboratory experiments). PI: E. Geslin (UA) EC2CO, INSU 40


2012-2013 Expertise in laboratory experiments
Foram-C (Linking foraminiferal diets and shell chemistry: an experimental approach to improving paleoceanography proxies) Marie-Curie Fellowship


170 2009-2011 PI




Mission Year Vessel Location Role
IMPEC 2021 L’Europe Western Mediterranean Paleostudy
HOOPLACOR 2018 Thalia Bay of Biscay / NE Atlantic Paleostudy
KING 2018 Teisten Kongsfjorden (Svalbard) PI
SEMHABEL 2012 Surell Loire estuary PI
CASCADES 2011 L’Atalante Western Mediterranean Expertise in benthic foraminifera


EXTREMA 1 2007 L’Europe Western Mediterranean
CANYONS 2007 2007 Pelagia NE Atlantic
LOCH ETIVE 2005 Soal Mara Loch Etive (Scotland) PI
MINERCOT 2 2005 Téthys II Western Mediterranean Expertise in benthic foraminifera



In a nutshell:

46 publications in peer reviewed journals, 2 under review

15 papers as first author, 10 as second author, and 9 as last author

1 international report

42 international (e.g. IPC, EGU, PAGES) and national conferences, 26 as first author, 27 oral presentations and 15 posters

7 invited conferences



  1. Fentimen, R., De Deckker, P., Depuydt, P., and Mojtahid, M. Deep-sea response to interglacial-1 glacial variability on the South Australian margin over the last 94 ka. Accepted in Quaternary Science Review.
  2. Depuydt P., Mojtahid, M., Barras C., Le Houedec S., Toucanne S. Last Glacial – Holocene variability of the European Slope Current, NE Atlantic. Accepted in Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology.
  3. Le Houedec S., Liebrand D., Hennekam R., Mojtahid M., Assessing atmospheric and oceanic teleconnections between the East and West Mediterranean over the past 8,000 years. Accepted in The Holocene
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Collective international reports


  1. Guiot J., Cramer W. and 71 CLAs and LAs, 2020. Climate and Environmental Change in the Mediterranean Basin First MedECC Assessment Report (MAR1). Lead Author in Chapter 4: Ecosystems. Ø MedECC received the North South Prize 2020 from the Council of Europe


Invited Conferences

       Mojtahid M., and MedECC contributors, 2022. L’Europe face au changement climatique en Méditerranée : enjeux scientifiques et politiques. Cycle des conférences IPAG (Institut de Préparation à l’Administration Générale) Université de Nantes

Mojtahid M., Depuydt P., Mouret A., Le Houedec S., Barras C., 2021. Decoupled carbonate chemistry experimental work involving benthic foraminifera. GOA-ON; Mediterranean Ocean Acidification Hub, Webinar – September.

       Mojtahid M., and Le Houedec S., 2019. Foraminifera as marine bio-indicators in paleoceanographic studies: focus on proxy calibration. Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia Univ., (USA) – May.

       Mojtahid M., and Le Houedec S., 2019. The high potential of using foraminiferal-based proxies in GCM predictions. NASA GISS, New York (USA) – May.

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