Laetitia Le Deit

Poste : Maître de Conférences

Courriel :

Téléphone : 02 51 12 54 61

Localisation : Nantes - 117

Domaine(s) de recherche : Planètes et lunes

Je suis enseignante chercheuse en géologie planétaire. Ma recherche porte sur la géologie martienne, et en particulier sur la caractérisation des roches sédimentaires qui ont enregistré les conditions environnementales et climatiques prévalant lors de leur formation. J’enseigne les Systèmes d’Information Géographique, la cartographie géologique, la télédétection et la géologie planétaire en licence SVT et en master EPS/GE/EMJM.

I am Associate Professor of Planetary Geology. My research focuses on Martian geology, and especially the characterization of sedimentary rocks that recorded the environmental and climatic conditions prevailing during their formation. I teach Geographic Information Systems, geologic mapping, remote sensing, and planetary geology in Bachelor and Master levels.

Publications HAL

 Skills and Research Interests

Multi-scale geological studies of planetary surfaces from orbital and in situ analyses: application to Mars

  • Evolution of paleo-environments and climate through Martian history.
  • Alteration processes on Mars.
  • Morphologic, geometric, stratigraphic, mineralogical, and chemical analyses of the Martian sedimentary formations using orbital data (visible and near-infrared images, hyperspectral images, DTMs) and in situ data (visible images, LIBS data).
  • Study of terrestrial analogs to Martian landforms.

Involvement in Space Missions

  • Co-I HRSC/Mars Express
  • Co-I PanCam/MicrOmega/ExoMars
  • Collaborator ChemCam/MSL
  • Collaborator SuperCam/Mars 2020
  • Collaborator Janus/JUICE

Administrative and Collective Responsabilities

  • International exchange coordinator for the Department of Earth Sciences
  • Representative at the Earth Science Department council
  • Deputy representative at the Scientific council of UFR Sciences et Techniques, Nantes Université
  • Co-supervisor of the “Licence 2 SVT – Sciences de la Terre et de l’Univers”, Nantes Université

Teaching Activities

  • Bachelor: Geological mapping, Sedimentology, Geographical Information Systems
  • Master: Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Geology of planetary surfaces


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