In Nantes, the research activities of the "Laboratoire de Planétologie et Géodynamique (LPG)" focus on four main topics : Marine Systems in Transition, Earth, Diversity of the Icy Worlds and Terrestrials Planets.

The spectrum encompassed by these activities is very large. It extends from the Earth to the other solid bodies of the solar system and, beyond, to the exoplanets. The technical platforms of the laboratory are devoted to observations, analysis and experiments over all scales, from spatial observations (remote sensing, magnetism) to field studies (seismology, geology, marine exploration), experiments (synthesis of high pressure ices, lithopreparation, decontamination of soils), numerical experiments (structure and dynamics of the deep Earth and planetary interiors, theoretical seismology, modeling of the dynamo), and geochemical analysis.

Part of the research projects is performed in the framework of current or planned planetary exploration missions (Cassini in the Saturnian system, Curiosity rover on Mars, InSight mission to Mars in 2016, JUICE mission to the Jovian System).

Several activities are associated with observational tasks on a regional, national, or international scales. These activities are conducted within the "Observatoire des Sciences de l'Univers Nantes Atlantique" (OSUNA). They are concerned with seismology ( within the national network of broadband seismometers RLBP and the RESIF project), planetary exploration (Cassini, InSight), coastline evolution and soil decontamination. Some of these observational activities are already labelled by the French national agencies, others will be labelled in the near future.