2nd GeoPlaNet Thematic School - Fluid-Rock Interactions in the Solar System – Nantes (France)

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Fluids are present and play an essential role in the internal and external evolution of the Solar System's solid bodies. They interact with rocks (including ices) in terms of composition (magmatism, metamorphism, metasomatism, weathering) and shape (deformation, erosion, sedimentation). The second GeoPlaNet international thematic school, organised by the Laboratoire de Planétologie et Géodynamique in Nantes (France) will provide an overview of these interactions in rocky and icy bodies of all sizes.

   This high-level training program in Planetary Geosciences will cover various aspects of these interactions through physics, chemistry, mineralogy, petrology, tectonics, geomorphology and sedimentology. In addition to reporting on and comparing the most recent results derived from space missions in the Solar System and observations on the Earth, the school will train participants in various techniques for observing, analysing, experimenting and modelling the compositional and morphological aspects of fluid-rock interactions on all solid bodies of the Solar System. The school will include lectures and practicals, as well as poster presentations by attendees. It will be organised along two themes:

Theme 1- Fluid-rock interactions on planetary surfaces
Theme 2 - Fluid-rock interactions in planetary interiors

   All participants will be invited to attend all lectures (approx. 12 h in total) related to the two themes and to display one poster of their own.

2nd GeoPlaNet Thematic School

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