Conference Planetoexobio2024 : French conference on planetology and exobiology in Nantes from July 1 to 5

This is the first week-long French national conference combining planetary science and astrobiology.

It is the result of the collaboration betweenOrigins” Priority Research Equipment Programme (PEPR), National Planetary Science Programme (PNP), the French Society for Astrobiology (SFE) and the French Hub of the Europlanet Society.

Contributions are welcome on any of the themes covered by the PEPR Origins, PNP, or SFE. The specific sessions will be determined after abstracts have been received, but we have defined the broad potential themes as :

– “Astrobiology”,
– “Exoplanet systems”
– “Primitive materials”
– “Earth as a habitable planet”
– “Experiments and bioanalysis – emergence of life”
– “Supercomputing/AI and data analysis”
– “Planetary and human/social sciences”
– “Planetary surfaces and atmospheres”
– “Planetary evolution”
– “Small bodies”
– “Solar system formation”

and any contribution linked to wider planetary or astrobiological research are welcome.

During the week workshops on alternative careers will be held for early career researchers, and grants are also available for early career participants.

The symposium will take place at the Faculty of Sciences, Nantes University from July 1 to 5.

Registration details, general information and the program are available on the website

Published on March 29th, 2024