Myriam Boivin

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Position: ATER
Location: Nantes - Bât.4 - 136


  • M. Boivin, L. Marivaux and P.-O. Antoine. New insight from the Paleogene record of Amazonia into the early diversification of Caviomorpha (Hystricognathi, Rodentia): phylogenetic, macroevolutionary, and paleobiogeographic implications. 2019. [More] 
  • L. Marivaux and M. Boivin. Emergence of hystricognathous rodents: Palaeogene fossil record, phylogeny, dental evolution and historical biogeography. 2019. [More] 
  • M. Boivin, P.-O. Antoine, A. Benites-Palomino, L. Marivaux and R. Salas-Gismondi. A new record of a giant neoepiblemid rodent from Peruvian Amazonia and an overview of lower tooth dental homologies among chinchilloids. 2019. [More] 
  • M. Boivin, S. Ginot, L. Marivaux, A. J. Altamirano-Sierra, F. Pujos and R. Salas-Gismondi et al. Tarsal morphology and locomotor adaptation of some late middle Eocene caviomorph rodents from Peruvian Amazonia reveal early ecological diversity. 2018. [More]