Mickaël Bonnin

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Position: Physicien Adjoint Mickaël Bonnin
Research areas:
Phone: 02 51 12 54 49
Location: Nantes - Bât4 - 114


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  • M. Bonnin, S. Chevrot, I. Gaudot, M. Haugmard and {. PYROPE Working Group}. Upper-mantle deformation beneath the Pyrenean domain inferred from \textitSKS splitting in northern Spain and southern France, Geophysical Journal International, Vol. 210, pp. 898-910. 2017. [More] 
  • M. Bonnin, G. Nolet, A. Villasenor, J. Gallart and C. Thomas. Multiple-frequency tomography of the upper mantle beneath the African/Iberian collision zone, GEOPHYSICAL JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL, Vol. 198, pp. 1458-1473, Sep, 2014. [More] 
  • N. Rasendra, M. Bonnin, S. Mazzotti and C. Tiberi. Crustal and Upper-Mantle Anisotropy Related to Fossilized Transpression Fabric along the Denali Fault, Northern Canadian Cordillera, BULLETIN OF THE SEISMOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA, Vol. 104, pp. 1964-1975, Aug, 2014. [More] 
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