Erwan Le Menn

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Position: Ingénieur de Recherche Erwan Le Menn
Research areas:
Phone: 06 45 03 19 76
Location: Nantes - Bât4 - 138


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  • P. Launeau, M. Giraud, A. Ba, S. Moussaoui, M. Robin and F. Debaine et al. Full-Waveform LiDAR Pixel Analysis for Low-Growing Vegetation Mapping of Coastal Foredunes in Western France, Remote Sensing, Vol. 10. 2018. [More] 
  • S. Singh, T. Cornet, V. F. Chevrier, J. -Ph. Combe, T. B. McCord and L. A. Roe et al. Near-infrared spectra of liquid/solid acetylene under Titan relevant conditions and implications for Cassini/VIMS detections, Icarus, Vol. 270, pp. 429 - 434. 2016. [More] 
  • D. Hong, H. Rabat, E. Le Menn, C. Zaepffel and J.-M. Bauchire. Compact Z-pinch radiation source dedicated to broadband absorption measurements, Matter and Radiation at Extremes, pp. -. 2016. [More] 
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