Yann Morizet

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Position: Maître de Conférences
Research areas:
Phone: 02 51 12 54 91
Location: Nantes - Bât4 - 111


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  • Y. Morizet, E. Gennaro, S. Jego, Z. Zajacz, G. Iacono-Marziano and M. Pichavant et al. A Raman calibration for the quantification of SO42-groups dissolved in silicate glasses: Application to natural melt inclusions, AMERICAN MINERALOGIST, Vol. 102, pp. 2065-2076, Oct, 2017. [More] 
  • Y. Morizet, P. Florian, M. Paris and F. Gaillllard. O-17 NMR evidence of free ionic clusters Mn+ CO32- in silicate glasses: Precursors for carbonate-silicate liquids immiscibility, AMERICAN MINERALOGIST, Vol. 102, pp. 1561-1564, Jul, 2017. [More] 
  • Y. Morizet, M. Paris, D. Sifre, I. Di Carlo, S. Ory and F. Gaillard. Towards the reconciliation of viscosity change and CO2-induced polymerization in silicate melts, CHEMICAL GEOLOGY, Vol. 458, pp. 38-47, MAY 15, 2017. [More] 
  • Y. Morizet, M. Paris, D. Sifre, I. Di Carlo and F. Gaillard. The effect of Mg concentration in silicate glasses on CO2 solubility and solution mechanism: Implication for natural magmatic systems, GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA, Vol. 198, pp. 115-130, FEB 1, 2017. [More]