Véronique Carrère

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Position: Maître de Conférences Véronique Carrère
Research areas:
Phone: 02 51 12 53 35
Location: Nantes - Bât4 - 160


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  • R. Marion and V. Carrère. Mineral Mapping Using the Automatized Gaussian Model (AGM)—Application to Two Industrial French Sites at Gardanne and Thann, Remote Sensing, Vol. 10. 2018. [More] 
  • M. Brossard, R. Marion and V. Carrère. Deconvolution of SWIR reflectance spectra for automatic mineral identification in hyperspectral imaging, Remote Sensing Letters. 2016. [More] 
  • J. Gurgurewicz, D. Mège, V. Carrère, A. Gaudin, J. Kostylew and Y. Morizet et al. Inferring alteration conditions on Mars: Insights from near-infrared spectra of terrestrial basalts altered in cold and hot arid environments, Planetary and Space Science, Vol. 119, pp. 137 - 154. 2015. [More] 
  • C. Verpoorter, V. Carrère and J. -P. Combe. Visible, near-infrared spectrometry for simultaneous assessment of geophysical sediment properties (water and grain size) using the Spectral Derivative-Modified Gaussian Model, JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-EARTH SURFACE, Vol. 119, pp. 2098-2122, Oct, 2014. [More]