Daniel Mège

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Position: Maître de Conférences Daniel Mège
Research areas:
Phone: 02 51 12 52 67
Location: en détachement


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  • L. Castaldo, D. Mège, J. Gurgurewicz, R. Orosei and G. Alberti. Global permittivity mapping of the Martian surface from SHARAD, EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS, Vol. 462, pp. 55-65, MAR 15, 2017. [More] 
  • O. Kromuszczynska, D. Mège, L. Castaldo, J. Gurgurewicz, M. Makowska and K. Debniak et al. Evaluation of the EGNOS service for topographic profiling in field geosciences, GEOMORPHOLOGY, Vol. 268, pp. 253-265, SEP 1, 2016. [More] 
  • M. Makowska, D. Mège, F. Gueydan and J. Chery. Mechanical conditions and modes of paraglacial deep-seated gravitational spreading in Valles Marineris, Mars, GEOMORPHOLOGY, Vol. 268, pp. 246-252, SEP 1, 2016. [More] 
  • D. Mège, J. Gurgurewicz, J. Grygorczuk, L. Wisniewski and G. Thornell. The Highland Terrain Hopper (HOPTER): Concept and use cases of a new locomotion system for the exploration of low gravity Solar System bodies, ACTA ASTRONAUTICA, Vol. 121, pp. 200-220, APR-MAY, 2016. [More]