Edouard Ravier

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Position: Maître de Conférences
Research areas:
Phone: 02 43 83 32 35
Location: Université du Maine


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  • T. Lelandais, R. Mourgues, E. Ravier, S. Pochat, P. Strzerzynski and O. Bourgeois. Experimental modeling of pressurized subglacial water flow: Implications for tunnel valley formation, JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-EARTH SURFACE, Vol. 121, pp. 2022-2041, Nov, 2016. [More] 
  • J. Menzies, J. J. van der Meer and E. Ravier. A kinematic unifying theory of microstructures in subglacial tills, SEDIMENTARY GEOLOGY, Vol. 344, pp. 57-70, Oct, 2016. [More]