Paul Bessin

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Position: Maître de Conférences
Research areas:
Phone: 02 43 83 26 53
Location: Université du Maine


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  • F. Guillocheau, B. Simon, G. Baby, P. Bessin, C. Robin and O. Dauteuil. Planation surfaces as a record of mantle dynamics: The case example of Africa, GONDWANA RESEARCH, Vol. 53, pp. 82-98, Jan, 2018. [More] 
  • P. Bessin, F. Guillocheau, C. Robin, J. Braun, H. Bauer and J.-M. Schroetter. Quantification of vertical movement of low elevation topography combining a new compilation of global sea-level curves and scattered marine deposits (Armorican Massif, western France), EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS, Vol. 470, pp. 25-36, JUL 15, 2017. [More] 
  • P. Bessin and F. Guillocheau. Le Massif armoricain après l'orogenèse varisque : Le relief du Massif armoricain : 200 Ma d'histoire géomorphologique. 2016. [More]