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Conférence "Exoplanet Atmosphere Recipes" par Edwin Kite (Univ. Chicago) - Amphi Pasteur

Thursday 01 December 2022, 08:00 - 17:00
by Stéphanie BEAUNAY


Abstract : James Webb Space Telescope will enrich our understanding of the atmospheres of sub-Neptunes and super-Earths, including potentially habitable worlds. I will discuss what determines which exoplanets retain atmospheres and oceans, and how exoplanet atmosphere compositions are shaped by elemental fractionation. Key processes that can shape habitable-exoplanet atmospheres include impact erosion, XUV-driven atmosphere loss, planetesimal contamination, and atmosphere-magma exchange. I will discuss sub-Neptunes, terrestrial exoplanets, and the worlds in between.

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