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Séminaire Michel Blanc (IRAP) - Horizon 2061 perspectives for the future exploration of the Jupiter system: from Juno to JUICE and beyond

Monday 28 February 2022, 10:00 - 11:00
by Stéphanie BEAUNAY


Résumé : The Jupiter system is one of the best templates for the study of planetary systems via Solar System exploration. Referring to the recently released report of the "Planetary Exploration, Horizon 2061" foresight exercise, it allows the study of all key themes of planetary systems: diversity of objects, diversity of planetary systems architectures, origins, workings, search for habitable worlds, and ultimately for life. While the current findings by Juno and its extended mission, and the upcoming breakthroughs to be likely realized by JUICE and Europa Clipper, will address in depth several of these themes, several key questions will remain open and should motivate new missions beyond the currently planned ones. I will describe several of the directions motivating the design of new missions for the 2030 decade, with special emphasis on the search for the origins of the Jupiter system and on efforts towards an integrated understanding of its workings, which currently motivate mission design studies in China. Directions for searching for life will also be discussed in the context of ESA's Voyage 2050.