Shape Preferred Orientation

All the programs presented in this page work on grey level images or processed images in which each color code represents a mineral phase. When an aggregate of crystals forms one patch of pixels the intercepts method can retrieve the crystal shape preferred orientation (SPO) whereas the inertia tensor method of that patch of pixels gives the aggregate SPO. When crystals can be isolated from each other, their SPO can be analyzed by crystal sizes with the inertia tensor method. All data may then be combined to calculate a 3-D SPO with the Ellipsoid program.


Short cours with examples and applications :

Shape Preferred Orientation (OCW-UN-SPO) Launeau P. 2017


Intercepts : (04/04/2020) compiled in 32bits with Windows7 64bits

Inertia tensors: (04/04/2020)

3D ellispoid calculation from combination of 2D ellipses: (15/06/2016)