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Faculté des Sciences, Campus Belle-Beille, Bât C'
2 Boulevard Lavoisier, 49045 Angers CEDEX

Bureau C'205

Tél : +33 (0)241735381

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Research topics

Identification of foraminifera and diatoms by combining DNA barcoding and morphological criteria

Phylogeography of foraminifera

Microbial biodiversity and trophic networks in intertidal environments

Kleptoplastic and symbiotic foraminifera

Colonisation dynamics of exotic foraminiferal species

eDNA applications for biomonitoring


Scientific projects


FORESTAT: Foraminifères des estuaires de la façade atlantique. AFB. PI : Frans Jorissen (U. Angers)



PhylForBen: Phylogeny of benthic foraminifera. University of Angers & région Pays de la Loire. PI : Magali Schweizer



ForFun: Characterisation of potential interactions between foraminifera and fungi in intertidal mudflats. OSUNA. PI : Magali Schweizer



TO2PICAL: Tracing past bottom-water oxygenation in the sea: a microanalytical approach to improve calcium carbonate-based proxy variables. FORMAS (Sweden). PI: Helena Filipsson (U. Lund)



MissRhoDia: Coastal hypoxia and acidification: influence of early diagenesis water-sediment exchanges in the Rhône (Gulf of Lions) and Mississippi (Gulf of Mexico) regions. LEFE-CYBER & EC2CO-DRIL. PI: Christophe Rabouille (CEA-LSCE)



AMTEP: Recent invasion of an exotic phylotype from the cryptic species complex

Ammonia tepida (benthic foraminifers). EC2CO-DRIL. PIs: Frans Jorissen, Magali Schweizer



ForChlo: Role of foraminifers bearing sequestered chloroplasts in the functioning of two very different ecosystems: study of photosynthetic and denitrification functions. LEFE-CYBER & EC2CO-DRIL. PI: Emmanuelle Geslin (U. Angers)



DNA and shell geochemistry in benthic foraminifera: Reducing uncertainty in climate change science. UK NERC Ion Microprobe Facility (University of Edinburgh). PI: Magali Schweizer



Combined genetic, morphological and ecological approaches to reduce uncertainty in palaeoclimate reconstructions using benthic foraminifers. Swiss NSF Fellowship for Advanced Researchers. PI: Magali Schweizer



Combined genetic, morphological and ecological approaches to reduce uncertainty in palaeoclimate reconstructions using benthic foraminifers. UK NERC Standard Grant. PI: Kate Darling (U. Edinburgh)


PhD students supervision

Marie Fouet, from April 2019. “Pressions naturelles et anthropiques dans les estuaires à eau turbide de la façade atlantique – étude de l’impact sur les communautés de foraminifères et développement d’un indicateur biologique fiable”. PhD project funded by AFB and U. Angers. Co-supervised with Frans Jorissen and Christine Barras (U. Angers).


Inda Brinkman, from June 2018. “Improvement of benthic foraminifera as a proxy for palaeo-bottom-water oxygenation, with a focus on the trace elemental (Mn/Ca) and isotopic (δ13C) signal of their shells”. PhD project funded by FORMAS (Sweden). Co-supervised with Helena Filipsson (U. Lund), Joan Bernhard (WHOI), Christine Barras (U. Angers).


Julien Richirt, from September 2016. “Le genre Ammonia (Foraminifères) dans les écosystèmes côtiers de la façade atlantique”. PhD project funded by U. Angers. Co-supervised with Frans Jorissen and Aurélia Mouret (U. Angers).