GeoPlaNet International Week for VR in Geosciences

GeoPlaNet International Week for VR in Geosciences November 29 to December 2

In the framework of our Strategic Partnership Erasmus+, the startup VR2Planets is organizing, in collaboration with the LPG and the Partners institutes, the  "GeoPlaNet International Week for VR in Geosciences". The first two days: "Open days", are free and open to all, the "Space Campus" is reserved for students and teacher-researchers of the partnership.

Open days (Monday 29/11 - Tuesday 30/11)
Subjects covered include :
- 3D data acquisition techniques,

- the available tools and their potential, and

- applications in scientific analysis and education.

> You can find all details, along with the eventbrite weblink for registration, on the strategic partnership webpage:


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The Consortium is composed of five European universities, Universities of Coimbra and Porto in Portugal, Universities of Chieti-Pescara and Padova in Italy, University of Nantes in France and the start-up VR2Planets. It has won an Erasmus + Strategic Partnership project in 2020 for a period of 3 years.