Workshop: “Sciences and Technologies for Space – a ground up overview"

The Online Workshop "Sciences and Technologies for Space – a ground up overview" is organized by the Universities of Coimbra and Porto in the framework of GeoPlaNet - SP Project.

Master degree courses in astrophysics and planetary geosciences are intrinsically interdisciplinary. Their prospective students are graduates with a great diversity of backgrounds covering physics, earth sciences, engineering, mathematics, biology, ... It is, therefore, important to promote these courses, highlighting not only their core curricula, but also the opportunities opening in space research and the career prospects in space industry.

The workshop “Sciences and Technologies for Space – a ground up overview” will bring together the partner institutions of the GeoPlaNet consortium, representatives of technological enterprises operating in this sector, researchers in Space Sciences, high school graduates and higher education students. The bottom-up approach is intended to provide students with an overview of real problems and of how these are handled. The language of the workshop will be English.

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For more information you can reach us through : Alexandra Pais: / João Fernandes:


Organizing Committee :

  • Alexandra Pais (DF/OGAUC-UC)
  • João Fernandes (DM-UC)
  • Fernando Lopes (DCT-UC)
  • José Pinto da Cunha (DF-UC)
  • Alexandre Correia (DF-UC)
  • Manuel Silva (Dep.Fis.Ast.-UP)
  • Teresa Seixas (Dep.Fis.Ast.-UP)