Workshop "The use of synthesis under extreme conditions for the immobilization of volatile waste"

Organized on June 1st during the "Journées Scientifiques" of University of Nantes, this remote workshop will be an opportunity to present the research conducted within the framework of the CIPress multidisciplinary project.

Experimental methods under extreme conditions (high pressure) are commonly used in Earth Sciences; however, they are destined to be democratized and applied to other fields such as Materials Sciences but also to answer environmental issues. In particular, the CIPress project focuses on the immobilization of anthropogenic iodine (produced by nuclear power plants) in matrices synthesized under high pressure. This project is part of the development of an application of experimental methods for societal needs.

During this conference, the members of the CIPress project will present the scientific advances obtained on the conditioning of iodine in matrices synthesized under extreme conditions: solubility and speciation of iodine, influence on the local structure and physical properties of the glassy matrix, stability of iodine-doped matrices under natural conditions.

In a more general way, the different speakers will present a state of the art covering different scientific aspects among which the study of the behavior of halogen elements in the Earth system; the study of the long term behavior of nuclear matrices; the study of glassy matrices at the molecular scale or the different immobilization protocols of radioisotopes

This symposium will close with an open discussion of the different points discussed during the day; the future scientific directions to be taken concerning the immobilization of volatile radioactive waste; and the use of experimental methods under extreme conditions for the immobilization of radioactive waste in matrices of different natures.

The CIPress project is a scientific challenge supported by the Pays de la Loire Region, carried out by the LPG in collaboration with IMN and Subatech.


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