LPG - Doctorate PhD 2021

Each year, The "Laboratoire de Planétologie et Géodynamique" welcome  students to prepare doctorate, in earth and Planets Sciences.

You will find below, by way of example, the thesis subjects proposed in spring 2021 :

> Evaluation of the seismic energy released in the West of Metropolitan France (Financing acquired : ANR EroSeis)


> Influence of redox conditions on the mechanisms of iodine dissolution in borosilicate glasses: Experimental and spectroscopic approaches (Financing acquired : ANR Iodine CLEAN-UP)


> Geochemical behaviors of multivalent elements during the genesis and evolution of magmas: implications for the redox state of the Earth's mantle


> Dynamo regimes dependence on the amplitude of core-mantle boundary heat flux heterogeneity


> Contribution of Artificial Intelligence to bedforms mapping and analysis


> Impacts of rheological DISCOntinuities on fluid-assisted rock FRACturing


> Fate of primordial organic matter in the icy moons of the outer planets: experimental approach


> Biogeochemistry of an estuary subjected to hypoxia


> Sedimentary record of historical hypoxic events in the Loire estuary: mineral phase reactivity and geochemical proxies


> Theses defended at LPG during previous years.