CNRS bronze medal 2020 awarded to Susan Conway

 Susan conway 2

Portrait of a researcher in planetary geomorphology, specialising in the study of the processes on the surface of Mars : 

"During my degree in Natural Sciences at Cambridge, one of my geology lecturers showed us the intriguing landscapes of the planet Mars. These landscapes were strikingly similar to those on Earth and made me wonder about the reason for this similarity. Could water be responsible on both planets ? How and why did these landforms form on Mars ? My research has shown that melting permafrost on Mars could be responsible for landscapes resembling those found on Earth. This lead led me to return to the starting point since I am currently leading an ANR project aimed at better understanding landslides caused by the degradation of permafrost on Earth."


> Her background :
2010 : PhD in Planetary Science at the Open University, United Kingdom (Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences)
2015 : Joined the CNRS - Researcher at the "Laboratoire de planétologie et géodynamique"
2016 : Nominated as Guest investigator on the ESA ExoMars TGO space mission
2019 : PI of "Rising stars" grant from Pays de la Loire: METAFLOWS "Characterization of the effect of metastable flows on planetary landscapes"
2019-2023 : PI of ANR collaborative research project, "Permolards : Tracking the degradation of mountain permafrost with molards"


> Contact : / 02 76 64 51 53