Theses defended

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Diana SATURNINO - 30th November

"Describing temporal variations of the geomagnetic field using a modified virtual observatory scheme: application to Swarm measurements"

Julie MEILLAND - 26th November

"The role of planktonic foraminifera in the marine carbon cycle at high latitudes (Southern Indian Ocean"

Boris CHAUVIRE - 17th November

"Genesis of supergene silica on Earth and implications on Mars"

Nadejda MAROUNINA - 5th November

"Role of a global ocean and cometary impacts on the formation and evolution of an atmosphere on early Titan"

Clémence HERNY - 2nd November

"Dynamics of aeolian sedimentation waves at the surface of Martian and terrestrial glaciers: Morphologic and spectroscopic observation, numerical modeling of mass transfer by sublimation/condensation"


"The magnetic field of Mercury as measured by the MESSENGER spacecraft"

Florian CESBRON - 13th March

"Influence of Zostera noltei meadows on benthic meiofauna and geochemistry of the intertidal sediment of Arcachon Bay"

Clémence CAULLE - 10th March

"Benthic foraminifera from the Arabian Sea Oxygen Minimum Zone : : development of a paleo-oxygenation proxy"

Marine GOURRONC - 15th January

"Role of meteoritic impacts on the hydrological cycle of Mars in glacial context"