Last HRSC meeting at LPG

The LPG welcomed researchers and engineers from different laboratories in Germany, Great Britain, and the United States to discuss the latest scientific results obtained with the HRSC (High Resolution Stereo Camera) of the European Mars Express mission. The HRSC camera, manufactured at DLR in Berlin, has produced color and 3D images of the planet Mars for 15 years.

 DSC 6328 700px


Mars Express, so called because of the rapid and streamlined development time, represents ESA's first visit to another planet in the Solar System. The spacecraft borrowed technology from ESA's Rosetta mission (currently accompanying comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko along its orbit) and the Mars 96 mission. Since beginning science operations in 2004, the durable orbiter has given scientists an entirely new view of Earth's intriguing neighbour, and is helping to answer fundamental questions about the geology, atmosphere, surface environment, history of water and potential for life on Mars.


> Last publication : M. Pondrelli, A.P. Rossi, L. Le Deit, G.W. Schmidt, R. Pozzobon, E. Hauber and F. Salese, Groundwater control and process variability on the Equatorial Layered Deposits of Kotido crater, Mars, Journal of Geophysical Research-Planets, 124, 779-800, (2019).