Shivangi SHARAN

PhD Student


Topic : Planetary interiors using magnetic field measurements - the Martian and Jovian case

Analysis of the time-varying magnetic field of Mars using satellite data - MGS, MAVEN - to infer information about it's internal structure. The transient magnetic field induces electric currents in the crust and mantle through electromagnetic induction. Modeling of this field can provide the electrical conducitivity profile of the mantle. Additional data from landers - Iike InSight - can help decipher temperature and compositional effects.

Modelling the internal magnetic field and the its time variations to understand the dynamo of Jupiter using close orbit data from the sateliite Juno. The model obtained can be used to derive statistical quantities that can constrain certain properties about the field generation. Two of them being the depth of the dynamo and the core field dynamics. The radial fields maps offer some more insight into the interior.


Supervisors : Benoit Langlais, Olivier Verhoeven, Erwan Thébault