Thesis topics proposed by the LPG and likely to be funded in 2019

> Constraints on the pre-eruptive conditions of the volcanic system of the Greater Comoros (La Grille and Karthala): Natural and experimental approach

Co-supervisors :  Andréa DI MURO (Observatoire de La Réunion, IPG Paris), Christèle GUIVEL et Yann MORIZET (LPG)


> Phytoextraction of copper from wine soils

Co-supervisors Thierry LEBEAU (LPG), Hervé CAPIAUX (LPG), Cécile LE GUERN (BRGM)


> Characterization of the crust by the study of the statistics of the continuous seismic signal and the small seismicity: application to the Armorican Massif

Co-supervisors Éric BEUCLER et Mickaël BONNIN (LPG)


> Electromagnetic signature of planetary mantles: the Martian case

Co-supervisors Benoit LANGLAIS, Olivier VERHOEVEN, Erwan THÉBAULT (LPG)