Paleo ENSO workshop 2019

The Paleo ENSO workshop will be take place from 25 to 30 August 2019 at the Hotel Santika, Belitung Island. Belitung is located one hour flight from Jakarta.

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Topic of workshop: A number of climate archives and modelling experiments provide insights into past ENSO variability. The aim of this paleoENSO workshop will be to bring together scientists working on ENSO reconstructions from proxy data and modeling and observational data to discuss recent findings and build a strategy for future studies.

The spatial and temporal coverage of each archive is often too sparced to fully explore the response of ENSO to different background states. One aim will be to produce a multi-archive global data set by conducting data - model inter-comparisons. The main focus of the workshop will be the Holocene (the past 10,000 year ago) but with the scope to explore older key periods such as the Last Glacial Maximum (20,000 years ago), previous inter-glacial periods 130-120,000 years ago).

Registration: "Register you interest to participate the meeting here"

Costs: we aim to keep the overall cost of the meeting around 400-500 euros (450-570 USD) (this cost will include accommodation, lunch and local transportation) 

Funding: PAGES funding is available for early-career researchers and scientists from developing countries.

Key dates:
Register your interest to participate the workshop deadline: 31st January 2019,
Review of applications: February-March 2019,
Registration and payment: April 2019

Workshop steering committee:
Nerilie Abram, RSES, Australia National University, Australia
Pascale Braconnot, LSCE, France
Kim Cobb, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Julien Emile-Geay, University of South California, USA
Mike Evans, University of Maryland, USA
Thomas Felis, MARUM - University of Bremen, Germany
Helen McGregor, University of Wollongong, Australia

Worshop web site:

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